Samantha Cabrera Friend  isa visual journalist and writer who uses photography to discover and explore localhistories, traditions, social issues in many female-based communities. She is a graduate from the School of VisualArts in Manhattan and is a member of The Visual Desk—a Chicago based bi-weeklyeditorial support group for freelance visual journalists interested in a moreinclusive approach to serve communities they engage in.

Witha methodology based in historical research and observational study, Samanthahas focused on producing editorial narratives and reporting on long formstories through the greater lens of the Latinx American diaspora. Sheapproaches every story and person as an integral thread of their local history,and believes in the power of documenting the everyday occurrence.

Her work includes past commissions with VICE Media, W Magazine, and the OlympicChannel, featuring stories inspired by her personal experience andstrengthened through independent research. Samantha’s practice has led tocollaborations with local museums, publications and educational institutions inMéxico, Argentina and the United States.  

She currently curates an online, public archive exploring the vast photographic, social, andcultural impacts the quinceañera tradition has had on shaping the American narrative. In all her projects today, she continues to work towards illuminating new, historical paths of research and community around our everyday customs, rituals, and traditions.


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